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Bring to you, an exclusive Offer.
Feel Your Music in 3D.
Change the way you listen.
A virtual surround sound experience for your music.
How to activate BOOM exclusive OFFER on QCY TWS?
Step 1 
Download and install Boom 
qrcode_Boom_Google Play.png
Apple App Store:
qrcode_Boom_Apple App Store.png
Step 2 
Redeem Offer

The Boom app will automatically detect QCY Device (Note: please do not change the Bluetooth name of the device on your Smartphone)

Go to Settings >> Redeem Code | Enter Redeem Code as QCYBOOM
Step 3 
Enjoy Awesome 3D Music

Now you are ready to experience 3D Sound on your QCY TWS Earbuds for 30 days (FREE trial period). 
You can also get lifelong access of 3D Sound on your QCY TWS Earbuds at more than 90% discounted price. Just click on top of the app sidebar menu.
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