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Settling For Less, Why?
Get Global Tech, Get...

Why Buy? QCY



From a globally leading True Wireless Stereo brand, it is your right to expect global quality & performance. But for you, the discerning Indian consumer, we ought to deliver much, much more. 

Be Creative
Go Beyond.

Super Battery Life

Play On & On & On....

Supreme 3D Audio 

Enjoy with Boom

Finest Materials

World Class Elements & Components.

Solid Built

Built for the world, build to last.

Feather Weight

Max comfort, max style.

No Hassle Service

Industry leading service support. 


Thanks for reaching out to QCY India.

We shall get back soon !

We are always listening 



At QCY, we are always eager to hear from our customers from all over the world & try our best to resolve their issues and incorporate their ideas and wishes into our world-class product development processes. 

Of course, we would love to hear from our very discerning Indian customers also. So please use the above form or else reach out to us at:


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Just Whatsapp “Hi” to +91 92050 05928


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